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    With over 15 years’ experience of providing synthetic turf sports field services, TurfTecs has established itself as a leader, an innovator, and a knowledgeable source for outstanding customer service and support for all field owners. Independently owned and operated and not affiliated with any turf brand or company, TurfTecs is focused on your needs and is your partner in providing proper care and support of your investment in a synthetic turf sports field.

    Our maintenance services, including annual deep cleaning, grooming, and decompaction, repairs, seasonal refresh cleaning, and renovation and replacement of worn turf areas, provide for safe playing surfaces that also stay consistent with the designed performance characteristics, promote a longer life of the turf, and have a great looking presentation. Our cleaning, decompacting, and grooming process is recognized as the most gentle on turf fibers while providing the best decompaction process offered. This is important as we help extend the life of the turf fibers which is most critical as turf fields age.

    We also provide independent Gmax, HIC, and permeability testing for new and existing fields.

    When it is time to replace or add a new synthetic turf sports field, we are your go-to partner for consulting to ensure that you get the best turf system for your needs and then we follow through with quality verification testing to be certain the products and installation meet or exceed your specifications.

    TurfTecs also applies and sells to owners for self-application America’s most unique and complete sport surface cleanser, PSF 110. PSF 110 is an all-natural enzyme cleanser that replaces harsh disinfectant chemicals, biologically cleans the surface including removing biofilm, works in high temperature environments where other enzyme products are useless, is very safe for workers and athletes, has no re-entry restrictions, and has no surface build up as it is 100% biodegradable.

    TurfTecs also offers RTU Seaming and Repair tape, an innovative product that has a pressure sensitive adhesive pre-applied to the tape. To use, make certain the turf panels or repair turf is in place and the underside is clean. Slide the RTU Tape under the area to be glued together. Remove the release tape and either roll or walk on the area glued together. It is immediately playable with no cure time.

    If you are in need of a temporary or easily portable turf surface, TurfTecs offers Grass Panels, the first easily assembled portable turf playing surface. Grass Panels have been purchased numerous times by professional sports facilities, military installations, and multiuse sports facilities. Excellent playing characteristics, durability, ease of assembly and disassembly, and true portability are all outstanding features purchasers have claimed about Grass Panels.

    Whatever your needs may be concerning the use and care of synthetic turf sports surfaces, TurfTecs is your best choice for cost effective solutions.