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    Rich Cubin
    Landscape Division
    (713) 553-5895 | email
    Rick Oleksyk
    Performance Division
    (240) 432-7182 | email
    Chris Tetrault
    Inventor of T°Cool®
    Jacob Tetrault
    Director of Brand Development
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    17521 Telge Road Suite B, Cypress, TX 77429 United States

    About Us

    Tatro, Inc. was founded in 1974. Tatro, Inc. is the parent company of T°Cool® based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  T°Cool®  is a US based company with strategic executive locations throughout the country. T°Cool® is protected by 5 patents and remains the only infill for artificial grass applications with proven cooling technology in the synthetic turf market. Tatro, Inc. also identifies and develops game changing technologies based on bio mimicry.

    As the moisture evaporates, it removes the heat with it - cooling the artificial turf by up to 50°F. T°Cool® Landscape Sand is also combined with Bac-Shield® to provide a safe, non-toxis and sustainable level of antimicrobial protection. T°CoolPT® is our sports & performance based pre-treated crumb rubber product. T°Cool® also has the ability to adjust our formulation for your specific application and also offers performance based specialty blends of infill on request.

    Product Information

    T°Cool® Patented Cooling Technology. T°Cool® is engineered to work through the same thermoregulation process our bodies use to keep cool, called evaporative cooling. This process has a cooling effect via the evaporation of moisture. T°Cool® simply requires hydration, which can come from irrigation, rainfall, dew, or a simple garden hose. As solar radiation heats the turf, T°Cool® releases its moisture.