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    Jim Dobmeier
    President & Founder
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    Rick Krysztof
    Vice President of Sales
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    Dean Ferrell
    Sales & Project Manager
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    Dave Martin
    Director of Operation and Sales Rep
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    Kris Schmitt
    Technical Sales Support
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    PO Box 157, Williamsville, NY 14231 United States

    About Us

    About Us

    A-Turf is the originator of the 12-year warranty, which was driven by the outstanding longevity of A-Turf fields (average life of 14 years).

    A-Turf has been a staunch supporter of the use of shock pads under synthetic fields since 2003 because they yield long term shock attenuation comparable to perfectly manicured natural grass.

    A careful comparison of all turf systems and an honest assessment of field builders will affirm that A-Turf is the best company and provides the greatest value. You’ll recognize it immediately and appreciate it over the years.

    A-Turf delivers EXCELLENCE in its systems, construction, and service.

    Systems Excellence
    A-Turf systems are designed and engineered to achieve sport-specific playability goals and industry-leading durability. They combine the best components, specifications, and craftsmanship for optimal performance and superior value. They have the longest warranty (12 years) because they have the longest life (14+ seasons). Our playing surfaces are known for extremely stable footing, natural resilience, aesthetic beauty, and optimal drainage.

    Installation Excellence
    A-Turf’s certified crews have built hundreds of athletic fields at venues throughout North America. A-Turf targets a number of field installations each year so every project has the most qualified builders and installers. This assures A-Turf fields are built to the same high standards and are completed on schedule. Some field builders over-promise and under-deliver due to selling beyond their installation resources.

    Service Excellence
    Thorough project management is an area where A-Turf shines. Field building is a complex construction process with immense details. A-Turf skillfully and professionally coordinates the multiple trades and suppliers, administers all legally-compliant contracts, and monitors every project phase carefully. We emphasize good communication, are expedient with answers, and deliver complete and detailed documentation.



    Product Information

    A-Turf® Titan is the industry’s ultimate synthetic turf surfacing system. It’s an amazingly plush, natural looking surface with outstanding performance attributes, the best safety rating and the longest and strongest warranty.