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    Chemical Concepts, Inc. is partners with Sika "Sports and Play" adhesive system for Artificial Turf installation. We our their US Stocking Distributor.

    Chemical Concepts, Inc. has reached an exclusive agreement with SIKA, Casco Schönox Sweden AB to sell and distribute the Sika, "Sports & Play Turf Adhesive System" domestically.



    Huntingdon Valley, PA (PWEB) February 12, 2019


    The adhesives and specialty chemicals experts at Chemical Concepts, Inc. are now offering the unique suite of turf products from Casco Schönox Sweden AB, a recent acquisition of the Sika AG. The Sports & Play Adhesive System specializes in elastic, non-foaming artificial turf adhesives that can weather both time and the elements. The revolutionary SMP (silyl modified polyoxyethylene) technology is weather proof, guaranteed to last longer than the turf itself, and is optimally safe, both environmentally and functionally. With fast and sustainable installation, the Sports & Play Adhesive System eliminates the ever present hassles that come with traditional turf adhesives. The Sports & Play Adhesive System utilizes a one component formula in which no time and effort is wasted with mixing and preparation.


    “This is a great addition to our lineup of products,” said Turf Product Manager Rick Firrera, “we are always looking for innovative, environmentally friendly, and effective products that we can offer our clients, and the Sports & Play Adhesive System certainly fits the bill.” He concluded, “This is but another step in our quest to supply our clients with the latest adhesive technology.”


    The Sports & Play Adhesive System comes with a list of clear advantages. One of the advantages of the non-foaming adhesive is that it can be used in all weather conditions, hot, cold, wet or dry, and the innovative re-sealable packaging eliminates waste, making the installation cleaner and more cost effective. Chemical Concepts happily welcomes the Sports & Play turf adhesive to its family of turf products with the knowledge that its users will ultimately save time and money with their next turf project. While carrying trusted brands like Sika, Lord Corporation, and ITW, Chemical Concepts strives to supply best-in-class products in the artificial turf industry and beyond to achieve optimal results.


    Chemical Concepts remains committed to providing quality products and service with an eye to improving the bottom line. Along with this commitment comes a vision for sustainable products that are safe, clean, and in harmony with the environment. For more than a half century, Chemical Concept’s expert knowledge and vast experience in the adhesives and specialty chemicals market has been trusted and respected by companies large and small. Building on a foundation of quality products and top notch service, Chemical Concepts continues to provide the best adhesive solutions to solve today’s complex product assembly problems.



    New additions to products:


    Sika, "Sports and Play Turf Adhesive System.

    • Stadium Fix   • TurfFix   •   Spray Fix   •  SuperFix


    Chemical Concepts is a qualified Industry supplier of specialty adhesives for 50+ years.  WE are adhesive specialist.  Our Turf Set® adhesives are based on tried and true technologies that have a long track record in installing synthetic turf.  We offer highest quality and the broadest range of adhesives at fair prices. 
    We stock what we sell and ship orders fast; most orders ship in 1 day.  Turf Set® adhesives come in 55 gallon drums.  5 gallon pails and 1 gallon cans.  Our innovative Turf Set® Rapid Repair Kit has everything you need for a fast and tough repairs that will last the life of the field.   Remember adhesives are not merely commodities but highly technical chemical products.  Turn to Chemical Concepts, the adhesive specialists for over 50 years. 


    Our product assortment is as follows:

    • Turf-Set® 718 trowel grade thixotropic

    • Turf-Set® 720 roller grade non-thixotropic
     • Turf-Set® 725 spray grade

    • Turf-Set® 74 Hot melt seam adhesive bulk pellets 40 LB. cases.

    • Turf-Set® Synthetic Turf fabric seam tape 12x110 Yards

    • Turf-Set® Rapid Repair Kit a two part self mixing adhesive system which will  repair up to 5 square feet of turf.