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  • USGreentech LLC

    5076 Wooster Road, Cincinnati, OH 45226 United States

    About Us

    USGreentech is dedicated to our mission: Creating better turf systems together.

    • Leader in non-rubber synthetic turf infills for 10+ years
    • Provides two synthetic turf infills: Envirofill & Safeshell
    • Provides shock absorption pad for landscape applications
    • Backed by 40+ years of synthetic turf construction experience and knowledge

    Our two products consist of Envirofill and Safeshell:

    Envirofill is the longest-lasting, non-rubber turf infill. It starts with a grain of naturally round sand. It is then coated with extremely durable acrylic permanently infused with Microban antimicrobial technology that keeps it clean and safe for all.

    • Made from round coated sand
    • One of the lowest maintenance infills
    • Highly durable
    • Does not float or fly away
    • Has been used in thousands of turf installations
    • It is installed alone – no other products or sand needed
    • Used in every type of synthetic turf application
    • Tested by third party ISO-certified labs
    • Non-toxic
    • Infused with Microban antimicrobial technology
    • Fights against odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew
    • Made in the USA
    • 16-year warranty

    For those seeking the lowest maintenance infill, look no further. Envirofill is field-owner friendly. It stays in place, keeps the surface consistent over time, and doesn't require frequent top-off which eliminates stress and additional cost. These factors and more make it the infill of choice for facilities that want to focus on game time strategy rather than costly field recovery.

    With its superior durability, Envirofill can be used for multiple turf lifecycles with no decrease in performance. In fact, the product carries a 16-year warranty, the most extensive coverage in the industry.

    With hundreds of synthetic sports turf fields nationwide and thousands of landscape applications, Envirofill is the longest-lasting progressive and non-rubber infill on the market. The perfect selection when maintenance, long-term performance, safety and durability are key decision factors.

    Microban® antimicrobial protection is infused into Envirofill during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration.

    Safeshell is the low maintenance organic infill option made of 100% USA-grown walnut shells. Through a patent-pending process, the residual allergens from the nut are thoroughly removed from Safeshell. Safeshell excels at reducing surface heat, creating a firm and fast surface, and ensures peace of mind for all.

    • Made from US-grown crushed walnut shells
    • Low maintenance natural infill
    • Naturally durable – minimal breakdown
    • Does not float or fly away
    • Helps cooler surface temperatures
    • Has evaporative cooling capabilities
    • Does not require watering or irrigation
    • Safe and allergen-free
    • Grown in the USA
    • 8-year warranty

    Unlike other organic infills, Safeshell stays in place, experiences limited breakdown and doesn't change in the hot or wet climates. This makes it the best low maintenance option for natural infill. The round shape of each grain helps the product resist compaction. It doesn't float and plays the same wet or dry. You get all the benefits of an organic infill without all the added maintenance.

    The most durable natural infill, Safeshell is made from one of the densest nut shells on the planet so you won't have to worry about this product breaking down. It doesn't float which means there will be limited migration of the product and it will stay in place. With the 8-year warranty and limited top-off required, you'll be able to always depend on Safeshell.

    Safeshell excels at evaporative cooling - the key to a cooler playing surface. Safeshell absorbs water with minimal expansion and then releases it slowly over time to help keep surfaces from heating up too quickly. No water? That’s okay, even dry, Safeshell plays cooler than crumb rubber.

    With Safeshell you get peace of mind that your infill is made from organic and food grade components. Now the only thing your athlete needs to worry about is the competition!

    What is Infill?

    Infill is the dense, fine particle materials located at the base of a synthetic turf system. Think of it as turf stabilizer or as the synthetic dirt for your synthetic grass. Supporting the turf blades, it acts as the ballast, footing, and athlete shock absorption. Infill has a greater impact on system performance than any other component. And pound for pound, there is significantly more infill than any other component in a synthetic turf system. Choose your infill wisely and decide on what is best for you needs early in the process. Let us help you sort through the information and make sense of all the options.

    Product Information

    Safeshell: -Made from US-grown crushed walnut shells -Low maintenance natural infill -Naturally durable – minimal breakdown -Does not float or fly away -Helps cooler surface temperatures -Does not require watering or irrigation -Safe and allergen-free -8-year warranty Envirofill: -Made from round coated sand -Low maintenance -Extremely Durable -Does not float or fly away -Installed in thousands of turf installations -It is installed alone – no other products or sand needed
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